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Admission cum Scholarship Test : 21st April 2019

For Students of Class XI (JEE 2021 Aspirants)

Admission cum Scholarship Test : 22nd April 2018

For Students of Class XI (for JEE 2020 Aspirants)
Result Declared
Class XI – Friday, 26th April 2019
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Discover the DIAMND that you are !

All Students are Diamonds. But those who make it to the IITs are the polished ones. Right now you might be a rough Diamond, and in order to attain your dream goal of Success in JEE 2021, what you need is a perfect Curator who can Polish the Diamond in you,
thus transforming you into a precious one.


FIITJEE’s CURATE - Admission cum Scholarship Test - a gateway that will not only ensure your speedy preparation but also hone & refine your current Talent as per the requirement of JEE, ultimately leading you to achieve your Dream Rank in JEE 2021.
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Key Benefits of CURATE

Know your grasp on Fundamentals & Check your conceptual knowledge.
Get a glimpse of your relative performance vis a vis your peers at the national level.
Get an external evaluation of your IQ specifically for JEE Advanced & JEE Main.
Get to know your strengths and weaknesses and areas that may require specificattention.
The exam will test your raw potential on the basis of which you may be selected to pursue studies at FIITJEE & get a chance to cultivate your potential to succeed in JEE Advanced.

Can preparing for
JEE Advanced
be Stress-free, Tension-free,
Simple and without Uncertainties ?

Our Answer is an Emphatic Yes

JEE Advanced is not difficult, it’s different. While solving problems, you need to think deeply & fundamentally.
FIITJEE’s Academic Cult Metamorphosis channelises your energies to make you think deeper & right, makes your preparation simpler, straightforward, and free from tension & stress. In the process you unravel your deepest potential & get the best possible rank.

Dear JEE 2021 Aspirants,
these are the 2 most precious years of your life. In order to turn your dream of Studying at an IIT into reality,
we urge you to carefully read what you need and what you should be evading at this stage.

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